4 BR, 190 m² – Come see our Supersonic Apartments with panoramic view in Abuja

Property Abuja  


  • 4-br-190-m2-come-see-our-supersonic-apartments-with-panoramic-view-in-abuja-big-0
  • 4-br-190-m2-come-see-our-supersonic-apartments-with-panoramic-view-in-abuja-big-1
  • 4-br-190-m2-come-see-our-supersonic-apartments-with-panoramic-view-in-abuja-big-2
Location: Abuja
Price: ₦45,000

Are you freaking kidding me?? a well furnished 2bedroom apartment with a breathtaking panoramic view for How Much?

Number of bedrooms
4 BR

Living space
190 m²



Additional Details

Area Area
Bedrooms 00
Rooms 4